UK Internet Service Providers Status Pages

Scattered across the internet are status pages for ISPs, telephone service providers and others. Finding those status pages can often be a chore. This page contains links to the major providers and their status pages.

Where ISPs have multiple brands, these have been grouped together, as often a problem can affect all of their network. If your particular brand doesn't have an issue listed, then check the other links under the parent name which may provide more information.

Links Last Checked: 20th June 2015

ISP Name Status Page Address Quick Address Link
186K Status Page
Andrews and Arnold Status Page
Aquiss Internet Status Page
Atlas Business Status Page
Also C2 / Dougal Internet
BT Internet Status Page
The BT Internet Status page is shared with their telephone service status
C2 Internet Status Page - See Atlas    
CCS Leeds Status Page
ClaraNet Status Page
Coms Status Page
DataNet Status Page
Demon Internet Status Page
Dougal Internet Status Page - See Atlas    
Easynet Status Page
Eclipse Status Page - See Kingston    
Elite Internet Status Page
EntaNet Status Page
Exa Networks Status Page
Fast Internet Status Page
Freedom2Surf Status Page - see TalkTalk    
Freeola Status Page
Gradwell Internet Status Page
HotChilli Internet Status Page
IDNet Status Page
Kijoma Status Page
Kingston Communications (KCOM) Status Page
 - Eclipse Internet Status Page
 - Mistral Internet Status Page
MadasaFish see    
Merula Status Page
MetroNet Status Page - see    
Mistral Status Page - See Kingston Communications    
NamesCo Status Page
NewNet Status Page
Nildram Status Page - see TalkTalk    
Node4 Status Page
Origin Broadband Status Page
Plus.Net Status Page
 - Status Page
 - Madasafish Status Page
 - MetroNet Status Page
ScotNet Status Page
Sky Status Page
Uno Internet Status page
Virgin Media
 - Cable
Virtual Internet Status Page
Xilo Communications Status Page
Zen Internet Status Page

Missing One?

If your UK based ISP is not listed, and you know they have a status page, let us known and we will include it. Email contact @

More Status Pages

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